P3100 Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker丨White

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  • Great paper deliver crisp, clear images. BPA free.
  • Good Adhesive and Easy Tear
  • Good for journalling, organization, study notes, photos printing.
  • Long storage period, up to 20 years depending on different materials

NEW RELEASE - PHOMEMO P3100 Thermal Label Maker!!

*Only compatible with Phomemo P3100 Thermal Label Tape!


♡ Design Inspiration of P3100
The inspiration of the P3100 label maker is from "the navigation marks in daily life". Through the icon of "location", the designers like to show the idea about the P3100: it's more like the navigator at home, to immediately show where the different items are, which helps to make our life much more effective.

♡ Bluetooth Thermal Transfer Wireless Label Maker
With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can easily use the P3100 label maker from your Android & IOS devices (Apple/Android smartphones or tablets), and print or design various label tapes on the compatible app Phomemo. Also as a thermal transfer label maker, it can achieve printing durable labels, which can also be stored permanently and High-temperature resistant, etc. You only need to put the Phomemo thermal label tape inside the printer then print it, without using any ink tank.

♡ Easy to Carry Everywhere & Fast Charging
Simple stylish shape: 140*150*50mm (5.51"*5.90"*1.96"), with a built-in 1500mAh lithium battery inside the label maker, you can take it everywhere without adding or changing dry cells. After fully charged in 1.5 hours, it can continuously work for 24 hours and the battery can last a week on a single charge via USB cable.

♡ Fast Printing Speed & Powerful APP
One-click and quick print (20mm/s), the P3100 label maker can continuously print the 72-meter long labeling tape in one hour. The free compatible app Phomemo, which also provides you continuously updated free graphics, frames, and a variety of fonts while creating your labels.


♡ Support Printing Various Label Types & High Print Quality
P3100 label maker supports creating and printing custom labels (width: 6 -10 mm), and the label maker can also compatible with:
√ White/Clear/Colorful/Matte Label Tape
√ Supports printing Black/Gold/White Texts on Label Tape
√ Patented coating and thermal transfer technology
Acid, corrosion, low temperature, and high temperature-resistant, the labeling tape can be stored in different situations and for a long time.
And using the manual cutter of the printer, you can easily tear the labels and stick them to everywhere you need.

♡ One Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer a one-year warranty on any products and an 80-day return policy. If you do not receive the product within 80 days after placing the order, we will refund unconditionally. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Please note: What colors the printer prints depends on the type of paper you used, but cannot print colorful printings.