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What can the M02 PRO mini pocket printer bring creative printing

What can the M02 PRO mini pocket printer bring creative printing

Believe that you in front of the screen have been in contact with the "printer" in your daily life, but have you ever seen a "portable printer" that can be stuffed into your pocket or backpack? Most of the printers we use are bulky printers, which have nothing to do with "portable". Today, the editor will take you to have a look at this multi-functional portable pocket printer and enjoy the creative printing experience that it brings.
three colors of creative M02 Pro pocket printer series

This mini pocket printer does not have too much decoration and is mainly designed with a simple and generous design. Currently available in pink, white, and cyan, the body size is 3.2"×3.1"×1.6"/inch, the body is small and light, it can be easily held in the hand, and it is convenient to put it in a bag or even a pocket for carrying. It supports Bluetooth connection, and it can be used by connecting any type of smartphone with the pocket printer quickly and easily via Bluetooth in a few seconds.

size of white M02 PRO pocket printer

The creative printing part of the M02 pro pocket printer is here! Let us share with you what it can experience so far. This is not an exhaustive list of what our mini pocket printers can print, but these are currently the most popular printing methods.

function of white M02 PRO mini pocket printer

 High resolution black and white photo printing

In terms of printing effect, the printing resolution of the M02 pro printer has reached 300DPI this time, and the application allows you to access the phone photo album to provide you with unlimited possibilities to print your favorite photos without worrying about expensive paper and ink. It is an extremely convenient pocket printer, when you hold it in your hand, you can print beautiful high-resolution black and white photos in a few seconds!

High resolution black and white photo printing of M02 PRO printer

 Cute graphic printing

Because it adopts thermal printing technology, the M02 pro mini pocket printer can achieve a full ink-free printing effect, and the paper that has just been printed will not be stained when wiped on the hand. It is very friendly to people who like to print any cute graphics due to the interesting section in the graphics function of the app contains various types of patterns, and they choose favorite patterns for personalized printing settings, especially for bullet journalists who are not good at drawing for that they can use these cute graphics to enrich their bullet journal content.

Cute graphic printing

To do list printing

As a person who always forgets things, the function of the to-do list in the application is very friendly, which is rich in a variety of list styles, and you can personalize it before printing it out. You only need to enter the things to be done in the selected template, you can generate a clear to-do list, and then click the print button on the mobile phone, as long as 30 seconds, a plan list can be printed out. Print out the to-do list and paste it on the desk in the office or the wall at home, so that you can remember and always remind yourself what you need to do that day without worrying about forgetting important things because you are busy.
To do list printing of M02 pro mini pocket printer

Study notes printing

In the past, it was all handwritten notes. But with this pocket printer, you can save the trouble of manual copying. The app comes with text recognition and printing functions, which means that if you encounter important content during the learning process and want to extract it, the M02 pro mini pocket printer can help you quickly print the content you need, it can automatically get the scanned content in a few seconds, and you can quickly get the important content and paste it on the notebook with one-click printing, so you don't need to manually extract, which effectively improves the efficiency of your excerpted notes.

Study notes printing of M02 pro mini pocket printer

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