【Flash Sale ONLY February】Tattoo Transfer Stencil Printer-Bluetooth, USB Type-C

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    • Connectivity:Bluetooth, USB
    • Special Feature:Compatible with Mobile Phone & PC, Battery, Portable.

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colour: Black_Green
Style: A4 Version
colour: Black_Green
Style: A4 Version

New Model vs Traditional

Capable of various devices

No Matter You're  Officer or Tattoo Artist

Phomemo M08F Tattoo Printer is Suitable for

Please be noted that:

Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer is not suitable for:
1. complex lines; 2. color patterns; 3. large-area dark patterns;

 Only applicable to:
1. simple lines; 2. black, or monochrome patterns; 3. clear line patterns

How to Use M08F Tattoo Printer

Step 1

Remove the transparent sheet, and tear out the yellow page.

Step 2

Download the app and connect to M08F-A4 via Bluetooth for phones, or via USB cable for Computer.

Step 3

1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to power on.

 2. Place the white page face up and the ribbon page faces down and flush against the printer.

Step 4

Cut out the pattern and paint the arms with stencil ointment for a better transfer. Alcohol can wipe away tattoo transfer marks.