Phomemo 14x40mm Golden Glitter Square Label For D30

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    Wide Application in Home and Business


    Make life more orderly, easy and exquisite.


    • Business Tag: Support batch printing & print for 4 hours continuously. Suitable for small business.
    • Transparent Label: Not block the view, suitable for sticking on transparent objects such as perfumes and jars.
    • Jewelry Label: Jewelry label can also be used for wire classification in office and home.
    • Shelf Life: Keep the kitchen organized and not worry about misuse of expired food.
    • File Folder: Suitable for office workers and those who have more documents to be classified.
    • Sealing: Envelope sealing, DIY photo album, pasting decorations, etc.



    Note: Storing the label in a high temperature, strong light and high humidity place will shorten the spanlife of the label.

    Phomemo D30 sticker paper benefits from clear printing quality, strong adherence force, long-lasting preservation, which meets a variety of work and home demands. Stop wasting money in high-cost ink and toner, start to save money by switching to direct thermal paper.


    Handwriting Fatigue Free: Compared with handwriting papers, one-click printing paper can bring you dedicated stickers and labels in a time-saving and effort-saving fashionable way.

    Clear to Print: The printable sticker paper is able to present contents clearly.

    Big Helper for Classification and Storage: D30 sticker print paper is applicable in classification of kitchen, study and cosmetics supplies, marking of cables, name labels for kindergartens and children, business tags for supermarkets, stores and bakery, record shelf life for medicine and so on. A more orderly life is NOT difficult.

    Package Contents: Thermal Printing Paper x3

    1 1 1 1 1 1
    D30 Label Maker-Green D30 Label Maker-White D30 Label Maker-Pink D30 Labels-Starry Sky D30 Labels-Silver Glitter D30 Labels-Gold Glitter
    Compatible with Phomemo D30 Label Maker D30 Label Maker D30 Label Maker Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer

    2 1 1 1 1 1
    D30 Labels-3 Color Set D30 Labels-White D30 Labels-Fruit Pattern D30 Labels-Transparent D30 Labels-Study Pattern D30 Labels-Jewelry
    Compatible with Phomemo Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer Label for D30 Printer

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