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How to DIY Halloween Candy Jar with M02 Pro Mini Printer

How to DIY Halloween Candy Jar with M02 Pro Mini Printer

For many people, Halloween is one of the most popular and most popular festivals of the year and the biggest celebration every fall. Many people celebrate this holiday with great enthusiasm. At this time of the year, people usually carve faces on pumpkins and make lanterns called "Jack Pumpkin Lanterns" to scare away wandering ghosts. Do you want to celebrate this year’s Halloween in a different way? In our opinion, it is not too late to prepare interesting materials for the upcoming Halloween celebrations in advance.

Jack Pumpkin Lantern

When it comes to Halloween, do you first think of Halloween costumes and candies you can’t wait to want? Yes, in fact, popular Halloween costumes and activities to ask for sweets are indeed the most popular way of celebration right now.

In fact, for more than a century, trick-or-treat on the eve of Halloween wearing costumes and ringing the doorbell to ask for candy has become one of the traditions of Halloween celebrations in many countries. Therefore, if you want to make your Halloween special, you still have to keep up with the traditional holiday activities, and it is time to prepare decorative patterns and candies. Halloween is right in front of you.

Halloween costumes and sweets

DIY Halloween Candy Jar

Halloween is a time of candy, fun and unbridled creativity. With all the clothing possibilities, decoration ideas and candy combinations, what you can do to light up Halloween. Everyone has candies in their heads, so you must be creative to make your candies look so special. 

halloween candy

If you are preparing gifts, DIY candy jars are a good addition. You only need to prepare the ingredients, you can easily make a special Halloween candy. It is not difficult at all to make, this DIY candy jar is very suitable for decoration and show off your trick or treat, and more importantly, it has a very low cost.

To make these DIY Halloween candy jars, you need to prepare:

1. An empty glass jar

2. Some candies

3. A mini pocket printer (used to make trick or treat patterns)

One roll of regular white thermal paper and one roll of full transparent thermal paper

The specific instructions are as follows:

1. Open the empty glass jar prepared in advance

2. Put the candies into the jar, close the lid and fasten it tightly, and the candy jar is initially completed

3. Start decorating around the jar

①Take out the mini thermal printer and load the corresponding paper roll;

②After Bluetooth connection with the supporting Phomemo App, there are rich holiday decoration patterns in the graphic function, and you can choose your favorite pattern to print; if it won't have a suitable pattern, you can also use the function of print images to access the phone and get the trick-or-treat decorative pattern to print. It only takes a few seconds to easily obtain the desired pattern to decorate the candy jar.

halloween icron print with M02 Pro

Print Halloween pattern

 These DIY Halloween candy jars are filled with candies and have a festive atmosphere. They are very suitable for distribution at Halloween parties and as small gifts for kids at trick-or-treating activities. Come try it!

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