14 X 50mm Pure Color Label for Q30S/ Q30 - 3 Rolls

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  • Great paper deliver crisp, clear images. BPA free.
  • Good Adhesive and Easy Tear
  • Good for journalling, organization, study notes, photos printing.
  • Long storage period, up to 20 years depending on different materials



  • The labels can be attached to various surfaces, such as paper, metal, plastic and glass. Firm corners. High-quality adhesives are dry and sticky during storage, protecting the label manufacturer's machinery from paper jams and printing errors.
  • Q30S label stickers is waterproof, oil-proof, tear-proof and scratch-proof, you can use it with confidence no matter where it is. The surface coating prevents fading and damage to the contents.
  • Q30S labels maker machine with tape is easy to peel off, the label is removed to eliminate residue, and it can be reused many times on a clean surface.




  • In the creative mode, click the drop-down box to select the correct paper to print.
  • APP supports different functions such as text, icon, boeder, picture, QR code, barcode, shape, etc.
  • You can use more than 500 free template content in the APP.
  • This printer can cover all areas of life, including kitchens, bathrooms, baby rooms, schools, offices, and so on.
  • It is a good choice to give it as a gift to friends, family, and children during the holiday.


EBC[150x300]Q30S-WH-B09D3MGNNY-关联-01.png EBC[150x300]Q30S-WH-B09D3MGNNY-关联-02.png EBC[150x300]Q30S-WH-B09D3MGNNY-关联-03.png EBC[150x300]Q30S-WH-B09D3MGNNY-关联-04.png EBC[150x300]Q30S-WH-B09D3MGNNY-关联-05.png EBC[150x300]Q30S-WH-B09D3MGNNY-关联-06.png
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