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  • Great paper deliver crisp, clear images. BPA free.
  • Good Adhesive and Easy Tear
  • Good for journalling, organization, study notes, photos printing.
  • Long storage period, up to 20 years depending on different materials


Product Description

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Phomemo Souvenir Bundle Gift for Adults & Kids!

The Bundle B Includes
1 * Phomemo Semi-Transparent Stickers
1 * Phomemo Pencil Case
1 * Phomemo Sticky Notes
1 * Phomemo Notebook (Please add a note about what color you want to your order while checkout, or we will choose the random color version of the notebook to ship it)



Phomemo Semi-transparent Stickers

*Phomemo  Semi-Transparent Stickers (Contains Nine Stickers)



Phomemo PU Leather Loose-leaf Notebook
*Phomemo Notebook(Random Color)


Phomemo Sticky Notes
*Phomemo Sticky Notes
Phomemo Pencil Case
*Phomemo Pencil Case