Selbstklebendes rundes Thermoaufkleber-Etikett für PM-241-BT/ D520-BT/ PM-246S

    • Specifications: Phomemo Labels--Round thermal sticker with the size: 3”x3” circle round thermal printer label, 500 Labels/Roll. No ink or toner is needed.
    • High-Quality: Our labels have a strong self-adhesive that ensures they stay in place, even in harsh environments. Our thermal label paper produces clear and crisp printing, making it easy to read and scan.
    • Perfect for Life and Business: Waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-resistant. Make classification, storage, size labels, and name tags in life, print product prices, thank you stickers, QR codes, and barcode information, and design your own company logos
    • Wide Compatibility: Perfectly compatible with Phomemo, Nelko, JADENS, MUNBYN, Rollo, iDRPT, Zebra, LabelRange, K COMER, vretti, Rongta, Polono, Jiose, OFFNOVA, NefLaca, MFLABEL, Arkscan, BESTEASY, and other direct thermal printers.
    • Eco-Friendly: Our thermal labels are BPA and BPS-free, making them safe for use by anyone and environmentally friendly.
    • Technical Support: We offer free lifetime customer support via live chat, phone calls, and emails, as well as remote desktop operations support as needed. Each monitor will have a slight color difference, the color of the items received in kind shall prevail.

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Farbe: Pink Sky
Farbe: Pink Sky