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How to DIY Ball Ornaments to Decorate A Christmas Tree

The annual Christmas will come soon, and when it comes to Christmas, what do you think of first? Santa with a white beard? Christmas deer pulling a sleigh? However, there must be a bling-bling special Christmas tree.
Santa with a white beard

What is the first thing many people celebrate Christmas? Of course, it is to decorate the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree decorated with fir trees or pine trees with lights and ornaments as part of the Christmas celebration. Many families will start to buy decorations to decorate the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. The family gathers together and takes out all kinds of purchased decorations to decorate the Christmas tree, which will add a Christmas atmosphere to the home while leaving a beautiful recall.

christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is a popular holiday tradition in many parts of the world, and it is also one of the most precious holiday traditions in the world. So how do decorations play such an important role in the Christmas experience? Follow us to enter the story of Christmas ornaments.

merry christmas

The story of Christmas ornaments

In fact, the idea of decorating a tree for Christmas originated in Germany. They used to add fruits and nuts to the tree after the leaves fell off to symbolize the arrival of spring. But in 1605, a fur tree was brought in. It was decorated with paper roses, candles, nuts, and fruits. Therefore, the idea of decorating a tree became popular in Germany and then spread to the United States. Do you know those round plastic ornaments you use to decorate your tree? Those decorations also originated in Germany. As early as the 18th century, gadgets for making glass ball ornaments began to appear, that was the first Christmas ornament made.

decorative Christmas tree

When we have a Christmas tree, we all wonder how to make it more beautiful, and Christmas balls play a very good decoration role. With the improvement of people’s aesthetics, Christmas balls have become more and more diverse from a single solid color ball. Of course, for people who like to dress up their lives by themselves, it is a very good happy thing to be able to dress up Christmas trees with their families during the festival. 

So, how-to DIY ornaments balls to decorate the Christmas tree?

Decorating your Christmas tree with homemade Christmas tree ball ornaments seems like a great idea.

The family happily decorates the Christmas tree, and the picture is always warm and harmonious. And a beautiful and unique Christmas tree will also add a lot of festive atmosphere to Christmas. It is not difficult to turn an ordinary plastic ball into a magical ornament. This simple and stylish pocket printer can provide creative inspiration for your DIY creation. You only need to prepare scissors and a blank plastic ball to start making DIY Christmas tree decoration balls.

M02 pocket printer making christmas decoration balls

These self-made Christmas ornament balls don’t need any painting foundation, just give a little imagination. The APP for this pocket printer contains rich holiday patterns, you can choose your favorite pattern to print, and you can also use the picture printing function to access the mobile phone, print out the festive patterns saved in the mobile phone in advance to paste the Christmas decoration ball, that is so creative!

M02 print snow icorn
M02 pocket printer print christmas pattern

DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments

Finally, hanging these DIY Christmas decoration balls on the tree is very special and very fulfilling. Against the backdrop of the green Christmas tree branches, the unique Christmas decorations add a lot of atmosphere to the holiday and make the Christmas holiday joyful and rich.

making christmas tree decoration ball

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